Most of you know that I’m Chief Science Officer for BOXARR, but I’m sure a lot of you have no idea what BOXARR is. You can now get a new paper online that discusses how BOXARR is being used in complex System Engineering. The paper was recently presented by my colleague (and co-author on this paper) Fraser Hamilton at The 8th Annual Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium in Novi, Michigan.

BOXARR can do lots more than Systems Engineering. In fact, it’s a flexible knowledge representation and analysis tool that’s being used in SE, and for modelling global supply chains, and streamlining complex projects and processes for big name companies like Airbus, Boeing, and many others.

I think simple, flexible, adaptive knowledge representations are the real key to understanding complex systems, and that’s what BOXARR is all about. I’m even using it to model the flow of ideas in my upcoming book about A.I.: watch this space for more information.