In business, leadership has evolved away from strongmen, but in the world of politics, this evolution is stunted. This is one of the excellent observations in a piece in The Guardian by my good friend Keith Krasny.

In business, a leader who would decry “I alone can fix it“, or create a cult of personality around how “bloody difficult” she can be, would be seen as a relic of an archaic approach that has been proven not to work.

Obviously not so in government. I imagine this is an generational artifact, as is illustrated by demographic divides (in Brexit, and PotUS 2016). Older people were more likely to have bosses (and parents) who were bullies, and, accustomed as they are to the lash, they think younger folks should be dragged away from The Rap and The Twitter to get a few strokes as well. But I digress.

Keith’s piece focuses on four qualities of more evolved leadership: sensemaking, relating, visioning, and inventing. That rings true to me, and I think this is really worth a read, not just by potential leaders, but by potential voters, as well.