I’ll be honored to talk to the Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group at the British Computer Society on July 17. The Conference is called Making EA Relevant, and my talk is entitled Human Readable Complexity: Ideas and Approaches for Enabling “Big SystemsHere’s a chunk of the abstract:

It is clear that Stephen Hawking’s statement about the 21st century is true: we are now in the era of complexity. This talk discusses how this century’s early advances have mainly focused on helping computers “understand” complexity: from machine-readable modelling languages to the algorithms that infer relationships in “big data”. However, these techniques don’t necessarily facilitate human engineering of the intentional relationships that create the “big systems” required in the plans, processes, artefacts and architectures of today. This talk discusses how computational power can be used differently: as a tool to facilitate natural human understanding in “big systems”, and effectively cope with and even exploit complexity to enable innovation for the future.

Hope some of you can join me there. Here’s the registration site.